Creme Anglaise

August 8, 2017 The Judge 0

Yesterday we posted a great Grand Marnier recipe but left you hanging without the sauce. We are terrible and we apologize. Let us make it up to you by giving you a little spoonful of […]

Easy Easy Easy Grand Marnier Souffle

August 7, 2017 The Judge 0

Our friend Jessica would call these Grand “Mariner” Souffles; that’s okay with us because they taste amazing regardless of their pronunciation. Many people have these misconceptions about souffles around difficulty, noise, them falling, etc. etc. […]

Lobster Mashed Potatoes

July 9, 2017 The Judge 0

I love mashed potatoes; in fact, I am an EXPERT in mashed potatoes. Years of research have been brutal but I bring you one of my favorite variations. Take mashed potatoes. Add lobster. Bam. Alright, […]

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

April 24, 2017 The Judge 0

Alfredo, vodka, carbonara. These all have something in common; creamy and full of flavor. I have never been a huge pasta fan, keeping to my side of the carb spectrum with eating all of the […]

The Judge’s Best Beef Stew

March 21, 2017 The Judge 0

Experimenting in the kitchen creates confidence and shows a level of understanding. That is, an understanding of spices, flavors, timings, and methods. I got a little bold yesterday and tried something that I think is […]

Apple Tart

March 2, 2017 The Judge 0

It always amazes me how something so simple can be so delicious. I am in love with this Apple Tart by Chef Lisbeth Rawl. The crust alone is indescribable. Make this. You will thank us […]

Fish Tacos with Quick Slaw

February 11, 2017 The Judge 0

Finding a good fish taco is like trying to find your keys. They are out there somewhere but it takes a little bit of searching. I made these with James Beard award winning cookbook author […]

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