Chewy Sugar Cookies

December 28, 2017 The Judge 0

Even though Christmas and the cookie swap season is over we still want to put our hat in the ring for best sugar cookie recipe. We were at the cooking store over the holiday season […]

Creme Anglaise

August 8, 2017 The Judge 0

Yesterday we posted a great Grand Marnier recipe but left you hanging without the sauce. We are terrible and we apologize. Let us make it up to you by giving you a little spoonful of […]

Easy Easy Easy Grand Marnier Souffle

August 7, 2017 The Judge 0

Our friend Jessica would call these Grand “Mariner” Souffles; that’s okay with us because they taste amazing regardless of their pronunciation. Many people have these misconceptions about souffles around difficulty, noise, them falling, etc. etc. […]

Lobster Mashed Potatoes

July 9, 2017 The Judge 0

I love mashed potatoes; in fact, I am an EXPERT in mashed potatoes. Years of research have been brutal but I bring you one of my favorite variations. Take mashed potatoes. Add lobster. Bam. Alright, […]

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

April 24, 2017 The Judge 0

Alfredo, vodka, carbonara. These all have something in common; creamy and full of flavor. I have never been a huge pasta fan, keeping to my side of the carb spectrum with eating all of the […]

The Judge’s Best Beef Stew

March 21, 2017 The Judge 0

Experimenting in the kitchen creates confidence and shows a level of understanding. That is, an understanding of spices, flavors, timings, and methods. I got a little bold yesterday and tried something that I think is […]

Apple Tart

March 2, 2017 The Judge 0

It always amazes me how something so simple can be so delicious. I am in love with this Apple Tart by Chef Lisbeth Rawl. The crust alone is indescribable. Make this. You will thank us […]

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