The Judge is a mid-20s newly Southern living, techie/amateur home chef trying to resolve his frustration with the issue of finding solid recipes that you can rely on.

Do a simple Google search for Chicken Parmigiana. You will be able to find thousands of pages of results. The majority will never venture past the second page and due to search engine optimization you will find popular websites constantly up top.

Venturing through these pages it soon becomes frustrating to look through comments, compare recipes, and see what other users of the site have done to make it better. This is sometimes incredibly frustrating especially if you are making a recipe for the first time for a group of people.

I present to you, The Recipe Judge. Recipes that have been truly tested and are solid for your dinner table. My goal is to research or take recipes you have been interested in (see Submit Your Case), make those recipes in my kitchen at home, provide you with those recipes and how I have used it. Trust is what I hope to gain in return.