Spaghetti alla Carbonara

April 24, 2017 The Judge 0

Alfredo, vodka, carbonara. These all have something in common; creamy and full of flavor. I have never been a huge pasta fan, keeping to my side of the carb spectrum with eating all of the […]

The Judge’s Best Beef Stew

March 21, 2017 The Judge 0

Experimenting in the kitchen creates confidence and shows a level of understanding. That is, an understanding of spices, flavors, timings, and methods. I got a little bold yesterday and tried something that I think is […]

Fish Tacos with Quick Slaw

February 11, 2017 The Judge 0

Finding a good fish taco is like trying to find your keys. They are out there somewhere but it takes a little bit of searching. I made these with James Beard award winning cookbook author […]

Easy Vodka Sauce

January 11, 2017 The Judge 0

This vodka sauce is pretty basic but I have added three spices to just kick it up to the next level. I can dip my bread in this and use on pasta every day. It […]

Easy Roasted Red Pepper Risotto

December 21, 2016 The Judge 0

Afraid of Risotto? Fear not! Chef Nancy Waldeck from Taste and Savor has shared the secrets to create this amazing, creamy, flavorful risotto. If you have been looking for delicious healthy recipes and tasty wine […]

Over Easy BLT

December 14, 2016 The Judge 0

Earlier this week I shared my version of the classic romesco sauce with promises of a killer breakfast to go with it. I used to frequent a restaurant that had the “Over Easy BLT” on […]

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