Lobster Mashed Potatoes

I love mashed potatoes; in fact, I am an EXPERT in mashed potatoes. Years of research have been brutal but I bring you one of my favorite variations. Take mashed potatoes. Add lobster. Bam. Alright, there are some pointers that I can give you than just simply adding the king of the sea to the end product. This comes straight from my kitchen to yours.

Make ahead for a dinner party by making the entire recipe the night before and putting in a crock pot. About 3-5 hours before dinner turn that baby on and by the time you are ready to serve they will be hot and ready. Add extra butter (this is not for the faint of heart) to the top, mix in, add more butter on top in the bowl for presentation along with the claw meat (if using whole).


  • Lobster Tails (roughly 2-3 6 oz tails per 6 people or 2lbs whole)
  • 2 lbs Russet Potatoes, peeled and cut into 2 inch pieces
  • Butter
  • Heavy cream
  • Kosher Salt
  • Optional: Cheese cloth


  1. Steam your tails or whole lobster and then remove and reserve the shell/carcus
  2. Add the shell to cheese cloth to make life easy on yourself and to minimize risk of shell pieces ending up in potatoes
  3. In a large pot add the potatoes and the shells. Cover both with water. (This is the secret to infusing the lobster flavor into the potatoes)
  4. Boil roughly 15-25 minutes until potatoes are fork tender. Discard shells, drain potatoes.
  5. Add the potatoes back to your pot. Place back on burner very briefly to dry out any water left in pot. Do not burn potatoes.
  6. Add a stick of butter to start with 1/2 cup cream. Mix with an electric hand mixer adding butter and cream as needed to achieve desired consistency. Salt to taste.
  7. Add chopped lobster tails to the mashed potatoes and mix by hand.
  8. If serving immediately; transfer to bowl and add pats of butter throughout the tops of the potatoes
  9. If serving the next day; transfer to crock pot, refrigerate covered. Heat on low 3-4 hours prior to dinner service, stirring throughout the heating process.

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