Our Top 5 Kitchen Must Haves – Under $10

The question comes up in conversation that if you were hypothetically stuck on an island, which items would you take with you and why? When you are headed to your kitchen (island) you will be glad to have the right tools for the job.

1. Bench Scraper – $7.37

Bench ScraperThis is probably our most used item in the kitchen. When you chop up your shallots, get dough stuck to your surface, chop up carrots, etc. It is incredibly difficult to grab every piece. Through my experience I have seen people use their knife, and while this is fine for most tasks, just make sure you are using the back of the knife (spine) and not the blade itself as this will dull your knife.

These bench scrapers are also advertised as choppers or for pastry baking purposes. They come in various materials and sizes.


2. Garlic Peeler – $6.29

Garlic RollerThe worst part of using fresh garlic (in our opinion) is getting that skin off. When I started working for a cooking school I was introduced to these little guys. They are silicone rollers that you insert the garlic clove, using minimal force roll the tube on your surface, and ta-da! skin is off. Then you can just throw it in the dishwasher or rinse it off and you are good to go.



3. Rub-A-Way Bar – $7.19

RubAway BarAfter you are finishing adding some fresh cloves of garlic to your recipe, we all have that scent on our hands for days after. Garlic, onion, fish, you name it. Stainless steel is a proven fast way to get rid of all those pungent odors from your hands. Rub your hands on this miracle bar for about half a minute and rinse. We promise it works. Alternatively you can rub your hands over your stainless steel sink or refrigerator…but that is kind of gross, don’t you think?



4. Spider Strainer – $5.99

SpiderAfraid of spiders? Us too. But this one is a must have for your kitchen. Think of a search and rescue device for your food. We know – “But Judge, we already have slotted spoons!” Correct, you probably do – but water and oil gets trapped underneath the food and is not large enough to hold items delicately. What could you do with a 5 inch spider? Blanch vegetables, deep fry, wontons, dumplings, pasta, crab cakes, eggs, and more. Did we mention it is dishwasher safe?


5. Prep Bowls – $9.95

Prep BowlsSome recipes require you to actively be cooking and incorporating ingredients with little time to peel, chop, or mix other items. Little bowls allow you to get all of your ingredients grouped up together so you can fly through the recipe as intended.



What are your top 5 items that you reach for when you head into the kitchen?

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