Over Easy BLT

Earlier this week I shared my version of the classic romesco sauce with promises of a killer breakfast to
go with it. I used to frequent a restaurant that had the “Over Easy BLT” on the menu; when I moved it
unfortunately did not come with me. Quickly setting out to perform my own version of the dish proved
successful; the results are below.

This dish is super easy to create. Read the steps thoroughly and have a cup of coffee at the ready. There
are several line items where you can absolutely change it up easily from the way you cook the egg to
spinach to the type of bread you use.

Romesco Sauce
Rye Bread
Baby Spinach
2-4 tbsp Butter

1. Bacon! Begin frying up your bacon to desired crispiness and reserve the bacon fat for the
romesco sauce. While the bacon is frying this is a good time to add everything else into the
blender from the romesco sauce recipe. Place bacon on paper towels and set aside, remove
bacon fat for sauce or other use, do not clean the frying pan – we will use this for the
spinach/egg (make it easy on yourself and don’t have many dishes to clean at the end!)

2. Eggs! Start on your egg(s) – you can fry them in the residual bacon grease, sous vide them,
poach them, scramble. It’s your call. We prefer over easy/medium or poached for this dish.
When finished keep the eggs and bacon warm by placing on top of the bacon that you set aside
and place a tented aluminum foil cover over them.

3. Spinach! Add 1 tbsp butter to start (or if there is bacon grease still coating the surface utilize
that) to the pan that you used for the egg and bacon, add several handfuls of bacon to your pan
on medium heat and sauté until wilted. Remove and add to the bacon/egg dish you set aside.

4. Toast! Toast that bread and place one slice on each plate. Spread with a generous portion of
romesco sauce, followed by the spinach, bacon, and egg. Enjoy!

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