Warm Your Home with Fall Spices

Air fragrances can sometimes leave a chemical smell, do not last very long, and can sometimes be very overpowering. Utilizing items that you have in your kitchen already can have you up and running in minutes after reading this post.

Combining the items below into a large pot of slow simmering water can bring warmth into your home and is perfect for the upcoming holiday. If you are going to welcome guests into your home and have an extra burner before, after, or even during Thanksgiving preparations; this concoction will definitely be a conversation point in your day.

I believe that instead of using this on the stove you could use an oil/wax warmer if you are afraid that it would burn the pot if left unattended. I like to use my portable induction burner that has a timer on it that will auto shut off.


  • Large Pot/Dutch Oven
  • Orange
  • Whole Cloves
  • Whole Cinnamon Sticks

How To:

  • Grab a large pot or dutch oven and fill with water 3/4 to top
  • Peel the orange skin and place in the pot
  • Add 2 Cinnamon Sticks and a few cloves to the pot (you can always add more later)
  • Turn the burner onto medium and ensure to watch it throughout the day, add more water as needed
  • From my experience, the scent stays throughout the day even when diluting with water; if you want more of a scent add more cloves/cinnamon, etc.

The above is just a suggestion: I have seen cranberries, apples, etc. used however found these to be the most cost effective, fragrant, and achieving the desired results. What do you have to add?

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